Risotto al tartufo abbinamento prosecco zeronove

Truffle risotto: recipe and the perfect wine pairing

Truffle risotto is one of the most famous traditional Italian dishes, a simple recipe enriched by the strong flavour of truffle shavings.

It is easy to prepare, even if you are not very familiar with the cooker, as it is a normal risotto alla parmigiana, which is then enriched with truffle shavings.

Let’s see below the various stages of this preparation, which sees as the absolute protagonist an ingredient as special and intense flavor as the truffle.



The preparation

Start by dry-roasting the rice in a pan, preferably on a low heat. While roasting, you can add a little oil and laze with a glass of Brut ZeroNove, prosecco superiore DOCG.

Then add vegetable broth, about a ladleful. If you prepare the vegetable stock yourself, you should definitely prefer carrots and celery, but also onion. Once the rice is cooked, you can start adding the stock, slowly, taking care to add more stock only when the previous stock has been completely absorbed.

At this point you can turn off the heat and add butter and Parmesan cheese for the mantecatura. Once this is done, leave it to rest for a couple of minutes, taking care to close the pot with the lid, and then dedicate this time to slicing the truffle.

Immediately afterwards you can plate the risotto and add a few slices of truffle on top before bringing the dishes to the table.



What goes well with truffle risotto?

Certainly the truffle has a strong and persistent flavour that goes perfectly with a good glass of Zero Nove Brut, which has already been used to wash down the rice. We are talking about a superior Brut wine with a soft and persistent flavour, perfect for enhancing the characteristics of this dish and balancing its aromaticity.

You can drink it to accompany your truffle risotto or sip it throughout the whole meal.

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