Finger food e prosecco

Finger food and prosecco: the combinations

Prosecco is certainly the king of the aperitif: a pleasant moment of the day that we all love to indulge in and which is made even more interesting by the light and sparkling taste of the good Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg.

When we organize an aperitif at home, perhaps with friends or the people closest to us, we certainly do well to prepare finger food to be served together with our favorite glasses.

So let’s see together which dishes could be more suitable than the others, to amaze friends with a delicious aperitif.

Finger food and prosecco ideas for a perfect match

A good first idea could be some crostini with gorgonzola and smoked salmon. These are very simple bites to make, and at the same time they are very appetizing. According to personal tastes, it is possible to complete the preparation by adding chopped chives.

You could then think of very fast and very fresh vegetarian skewers in which you could include, for example, various types of vegetables, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and olives. Here your imagination comes into play and you can add any type of vegetable and / or vegetable that you like best.

You could then think of a mini preparation based on octopus and shrimps, a delicacy that takes a little longer but with a guaranteed effect.

If you want to surprise your guests you can also think of croutons with a soft cheese of your choice and raw ham, you will see that the prosecco will enhance the flavor of the raw ham.

Those who love fried food can also think of excellent fried cod meatballs, which certainly require a few more minutes to prepare but which go well with bubbles.

You could accompany these dishes with a delicious glass of Annozero Extra Dry Prosecco and discover its incredible softness that makes it the perfect glass for a special aperitif.

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