Starting from saturday 11th november 2017 Prosecco wine will be a host at Cà dei Carraresi in Treviso with an exhibition dedicated to it: Prosecco & Superiore.

The project takes birth from the sinergy between the entrepreneur Paolo Lai and Fondazione Cassamarca united by the desire to spread and valorize the oenological and gastronomic heritage of the terroir. The exhibition will last six months and will open together with the one dedicated to Andy Warhol.

The aim of the exhibition is to accompany the visitor into a journey wich will give him the possibility to learn how, from the soil, those famous bubbles take origin. The exhibition narration unites tradition and innovation thanks to the insertion of interactive platforms and multisensory spaces. The visitor will be able to know, not only the technical aspects regarding the vine and the production methods, but also the sensorial ones related to the olfactory analysis and taste the wine.

In a contest like this one in wich the oenological tourism is fastly growing, Prosecco & Superiore exhibition becomes a stop of that route that almost everyone calls “Prosecco Route” wich attracts every year nationl and international visitors pushing them going through Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills today waiting to be asssigned the nomination of Unesco Heritage.

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